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  • Guided art and architecture tours in Salzburg
  • Entertaining individual city walks in small groups
  • Social programs for business meetings, congresses, family and class reunions

My hometown of Salzburg is considered the "Rome of the North" and is blessed with more than its fair share of beauty, art, architecture and history.

Immerse yourself in the history of the city and region of Salzburg on entertaining walking tours.
Learn to understand the design language of the city's art and architecture and the diversity of its works of art
and experience Salzburg's distinct esprit with all the senses.

A look in my "treasure chest":

  • Romantic city walking tour, filled with poetry and humour. Stylish, amusing and entertaining!
    Time and space is also dedicated to extraordinary details from the past and present.
    The "Schmankerlpause" surprises with the variety of Salzburg's culinary delights and lets in a convivial round the physical well-being not come too short
  • Salzburg in the Middle Ages – from the Romanesque to the Gothic. From Conrad I of Abenberg to Leonhard of Keutschach.
    Recognise the features of Romanesque and Gothic architecture in Salzburg.
    Explore the characteristics of Romanesque and Gothic architecture in Salzburg.
    Visit outstanding Salzburg masterpieces of these eras and learn to recognize and understand their high artistic mastery.
  • Our Salzburg during the "long nineteenth century" – from the end of the Prince-Archbishopric to the independent crown land of Salzburg.
    This tour includes a number of exciting surprises in terms of architecture, culture and literature.
    The Salzburg of the the “Fin de Siècle” and the period of industrialization got a "new face" during this epoch.
  • Voyage of discovery to my home – the Saalach Valley in the Pinzgau region!
    From the chapel of Heinrich II in Reith in the district of Unken to the Maria Kirchental church, also known as Pinzgau Cathedral, located in St. Martin bei Lofer.
    Lunch is served to your table at the history-steeped Schloss Kammer hotel and country inn in Maishofen.
    Here you can expect authentic high-quality, sophisticated Pinzgau cuisine.
    Newly refreshed, our trip now takes us to the Mining and Gothic museum in Leogang. The end of the Middle Ages was a heyday for mining in the archdiocese of Salzburg.
    The resulting wealth enabled the production of world-class Gothic masterpieces. Valuable rare exhibits of Gothic art are displayed in the Gothic Museum.
  • The secrets of Hellbrunn Palace - here mhytology and history meet up close.
    In constructing Hellbrunn Palace, Markus Sittikus realised his dream of building a villa suburbana.
    Here, he sought diversion and entertainment as a way of recovering from his demanding life at court.
    We will immerse ourselves in the world of mythology in a way that is not at all complicated or boring.
    This tour is best suited to families and children.
    During the warm season, a romantic picnic in the Hellbrunn Palace Park is a very special experience and a successful ending for this harmonious tour.
  • Salzburg for kids - teach the history and art of the city of Salzburg in a playful way suitable for children.
    This tour is tailored to each group of children.
    Certain topics (possibly relevant to schoolwork) can also be explored in more depth.
    I also always incorporate a little surprise for each topic.
    If required, a quiz can also be included to provide further motivation.
  • Salzburg, city of residence for the Prince-Archbishops – from a simple diocesan town to a magnificent Baroque capital city.
    This tour focuses on the city's art history and the design language of its architecture.
    Depending on your wishes, the tour can take place Out-Door or In-Door (Domquartier, Neue Residenz and Salzburg Cathedral).
  • My Vienna!
    At least two days should be allocated for a tour of Vienna.
    From the Treasury in the Vienna Hofburg to the National Library and otherwise some of the still very "imperial Vienna".
    Special tours lead through Schönbrunn Palace or through the Upper and Lower Belvedere including the magnificent parks and gardens.
    Exciting are the buildings of the Ringstraße!
    I would be happy to organize your personal tour in Vienna with all your special wishes.
    For a Vienna tour you should plan at least two days.
  • Around Admont Abbey – History – Art and culinary delights.
    Admont Abbey was founded by the Benedictine monks of St. Peter's Abbey in Salzburg.
    The history of the two monasteries is closely interwoven, and fascinating – just like a thriller.
    The opulently decorated library never fails to impress.
    There is also no shortage of contemporary history at Admont.

I look forward to having special experiences and creating lasting memories with you and will be happy to provide you with a quote for a specialised tour tailored to your needs.

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